Raindrop silver necklace

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Sterling Silver Raindrop Pendant Necklace
This Raindrop silver necklace is a dazzling statement piece that will immediately add a hint of modern glamour to your style.
Living in Ireland as we do we know a thing or two about rain!!  The flow in the sterling silver necklace shows off the elegance of rain on a window pane.
The silver necklace is one solid piece of sterling silver gently cut into its organic gentle shape which is attached to a sterling silver chain.

All our items are personally hand formed, so each one will be slightly different, making them truly unique and individual.  Your order will arrive beautifully presented - ready for giving.Your order will arrive beautifully presented - ready for gifting.

Your finished order will be sent out to you by An Post postal service.

Measurements: Sterling silver: approx 80mm long x 14mm wide

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